ATTiny84 and other design questions

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ATTiny84 and other design questions

Post by nsayer »

I've been playing with the ATTiny85 of late and have a couple of projects in mind for which the best candidate is an ATTiny84 (need a few more pins).

Is there any possibility of adding support for 14 pin devices? Perhaps even just a "shim" board that would connect to one of the existing sockets and provide a 14 pin one?

Also, have you considered a design with a simple DC-DC converter instead of a bunch of SMD parts? Like maybe ... -ND/989887 ?

Yes, it is a nearly $6 part, but it means that the kit doesn't require any pre-assembly, which has to be costly in low-unit quantities.

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Re: ATTiny84 and other design questions

Post by mightyohm »

Thanks for the feedback! I don't have any plans to modify the shield or add support for 14 pin devices, but as you pointed out a simple adapter would do the trick. You could make one pretty easily with a small piece of perfboard.

A DC-DC module would do the trick, but I wanted to keep the shield small and the cost of the kit down, so I went with a discrete solution.

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