Cheap USB sound card chip with simple PCB (PCM2704,CM108,CM1

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Cheap USB sound card chip with simple PCB (PCM2704,CM108,CM1

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Hi, I need USB sound card chip for my DIY OpenWrt Internet radio player.

I want to make own PCB. I need 3.5 Jack for headphone, S/PDIF (no optical Toslink, only S/PDIF cinch) and microphone input (LIRC).

On eBay there are a lot of $1 USB sound cards based on C-Media CM108 chip.

There are two cheap chips from c-media: CM108 and CM119. What is the difference between them?

I found PCM2704 chip - PCB is extremelly simple!

I know that $1 sound chip can't provide great audio output, but what is better: PCM2704, CM108 or CM197?

Thank you for your help!

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