the geiger poti has no effect

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the geiger poti has no effect

Post by didi »

I'm not sure if adjust the geiger in the righr way. From the beginning I here all aprox 2 second a beep an see the led.
But if I turn the Poti in diffrend position, I have allways the same situation. TP2 is good ( 270 V ). Maybe I have not the right
material. I use a sock from a gas lamp, I heard i should have redioactivity, to see an effect on the geiger, but it's the same
result. Could anybody help me.


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Re: the geiger poti has no effect

Post by mightyohm »

Hi Didi,

Those gas lamp mantles are not always radioactive. In fact, in the US it has become hard to find the radioactive mantles since the 1990s.
It sounds like your kit is working normally. The pot does not have much effect. Adjust it to about 1/3 to 1/2 way up the dial.
See if you can find some other check sources to test.

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