Playing MP3 Files from windows

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Playing MP3 Files from windows

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Hello all.

I completed the basic wifi radio project last year, and it has been working beautifully. So obviously, it is past time to screw it up.

Ultimately, I want to be able to set up 4 music channels on my lan, each of which would continuously play one of 4 playlists. Those playlists would be added to the mpd playlist that already contains my internet radio favorites, and I could select the stream and play it.

As an experiment, I used VLC to stream an mp3 to the (url/port of the device playing VLC). I added the URL to the MPD playlist through Ario. Then selected the stream to be played by the wifi radio. It worked ...but... the music played about 10-20% faster (chipmunk effect) than it should have. Not only that, all of the other music streams in the playlist played faster as well, and continued to until I rebooted the router, after which things returned to normal until a played another mp3 stream from VLC.

I get the same result WHEN VLC transcodes to the url, or does not.

I have even converted the Mp3 file to 16 kps, 44000 hz, and played it and got the same results.

Anyone have any ideas what is going wrong, or suggestions on how to implement the 4 channel playlist that will avoid this problem?


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