Enhancing the schematic

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Enhancing the schematic

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I just found this website + schematic a couple of weeks ago and I just went mental that finally someone put this into practice. I've already ordered the components and once I will receive them I will get right on it.

I also have some questions related to small details of the schematic:
1. did anyone try replacing the 1K pot with a digital pot like MCP41010? If I understood correctly, the tuning Pot is actually reading a configuration file in which are defined the stations so defining 50-100 stations would become cumbersome to actually tune into
2. is there a way to organize the stations into groups and then select the group and play the stations (with the tuning above)? There are plenty of stations out there and it would be nice to have the organized in Jazz, Rock, Pop, Oldies etc.
3. did anyone try a more complex LCD, something like 128x64?

With all the above I realize that the complexity of the schematic will grow and the TCO will also be higher but such a project is worth it.

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