Adding an infrared remote: lirc + mic input

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Re: Adding an infrared remote: lirc + mic input

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You just need to install lirc in the buildroot

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./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install lirc
I'm not sure about what makefile you are using, the one posted here may not be appropiate for Backfire.

BTW I added an entry in the openwrt wiki, which explains the entire process

Backfire is the right version to use, works perfect for me. Whereas recent Openwrt versions (AA) seem's to have an odd behavior with this mod.

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Re: Adding an infrared remote: lirc + mic input

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I see. Thank you for answering fast even though I dig around in long gone threads.I'll try according to the wiki then.
Lets say I break my remote or find a better one. Can I recompile lirc as a single package and install on the router from an USB key or whatever using opkg? It would suck to have to recompile everything just to change the remote. I guess it shows on the tech level of my questions that I am a rather meek wizard when it comes to linux know-how and compiling in general.

Just for the record. ."/scripts/feeds/install lirc" did nothing. I had to manually download the zip archive from this thread with wget command and unzip it into my ~/openwrt/backfire/feeds/packages/libs/ for lirc to show up as a selectable item in the list in menuconfig. I'll check on fixing up the makefile now as I get some "this and that is undeclared"-errors when compiling.

When compiling it throws an error saying that EV_SYN and SYN_REPORT are undeclared. Googling those errors seems to point to some kind of kernel/patch issue. But none of the posts I find has anything to do about openwrt. Anyone else got those errors and might know how to avoid them?

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