Improving Kaito KA500 and similar radios' performance

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Improving Kaito KA500 and similar radios' performance

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Hi everyone

Some of the emergency radios being offered currently seem to be pretty poor as far as goes
their radio receiving function, judging from online reviews. This is all the more problematic
because many of these radios, without necessarily being advertised as such, are obviously
aimed at the growing Prepper and Survivalist markets.

I recently bought a Kaito KA500 emergency crank radio, and having researched it well before
buying it, I was expecting a poor radio performance from it, but nevertheless had reasons for
getting a hold of one. It was even worse than I had expected.

I did some experiments improving the KA500 performance without modifying it in any way -
the results were dramatic, and the really simple scheme works with other similar radios.

I describe the experimentation and scheme in considerable detail on my website here: ... adios.html

Hopefully interested Radio Preppers and Survivalists will find some useful into there. I'm also very
interested in what others have done along these lines.

Berj / KI3U

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